Recruitment Process Plan

Recruitment Process Plan

We start by customizing your search to suit your specific needs by conducting an initial assessment meeting with you to obtain detailed position specifics including scope of responsibilities, reporting structure, compensation, etc.

TeedCo. then prepares a detailed Position Specification and Search Plan – both key to defining the direction and establishing a foundation from which to begin.

We continue to market your opportunity through…

  • Our proprietary database, which provides us access to both active and passive candidates
  • Exposure at our booths as well as networking opportunities at both National and Regional Specialty Specific Tradeshows
  • Strategically placing ads on industry websites and in well-known trade journals
  • Providing a targeted mailing program for your practice opportunity
  • Marketing your opportunity to our several databases within the physician and/or the practice provider network

Careful planning of targeted contacts, followed by articulating the nuances of the position is imperative. TeedCo. conducts comprehensive interviews with prospective candidates.  We assess the candidate’s motivating considerations and determine their compatibility with your job specifications and qualifications.  Upon completion of our initial interviews, we communicate our observations to you, along with a profile of the candidate.

Once you have agreed to interview a candidate, we will assist you in coordinating all the logistics.  Prior to any presentation of a candidate, we will conduct a pre interview phone screen and deliver any information to you as necessary.  We will also handle the debrief of the potential candidate and provide all the feedback necessary.

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