Will my salary be affected by clients having to pay your fee?

No. Almost all facilities have a budget set aside for recruitment. These recruitment fees are factored into the cost of doing business and have no bearing on your salary. There are exceptional cases where this issue comes up, but it’s extremely rare.

What are the benefits of using a recruiter versus responding to Ads or contacting practices directly?

Responding to an ad puts you in a stack of other applicants responding to the same ad. A recruiter has intimate knowledge of the client, which they’re able to match with your needs, skills and interests. The recruiter also has a working relationship with the client, and in many instances, a long-standing one. They can use this to act as your advocate, as opposed to a  CV/cover letter alone.  There are plenty of things a client can learn from a conversation with a recruiter versus just what is on paper.

Will you send my CV to all your clients? 

No. We will only release your CV with your permission. In order to save your time, as well as our clients, we will provide you with as much information as possible on the front-end, to ensure it’s a fit before sending the CV.

Is my Search Confidential?

Yes! Your trust in us is paramount. We do not share your CV with a client without your permission. Our clients are also sensitive to the confidentiality of your search.

How much will this cost me?

Our services are FREE to you!  Interviewing expenses, licensure or other fees are determined on a case by case basis.

My CV needs work, what do I do?

We can help!  We have a template form you can use, which is included in our Residency Presentation.  Our knowledgeable consultants are happy to proofread or suggest organizational improvements that will show your CV to prospective clients in the best light.

Are cover letters necessary?  If so, should I modify my cover letter specifically geared towards the person with whom I will be meeting?

Yes.  A strong cover letter directly to the interviewer and/or the location shows your specific enthusiasm in their opportunity, which will help you stand out among other candidates.

If I need to move, what do I do?

Many clients pay relocation, either as a stipend or on a pack and ship basis. Our expert consultants will help you negotiate and understand what is included in an offer. We can also recommend resources to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Can you help with interview preparation?

Absolutely!  We can help give you advice on the proper attire as well as to recommend appropriate questions to ask during the first interview.  Our experienced consultants will full prepare you for the interview.  They will coach you on the format of the interview, the types of questions you will be asked as well as other aspects of the interviewing process.

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