Interviewing Tips

TeedCo. Interviewing Tips for Physician-Executives

As with the Executive Resume, there is no myth or mystery to the interview at the executive level. However, there are several things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, the goal of the interviewer and employer is to place the right person in the right job at the right time. Additionally, remember that over the course of the interview…

The Interviewer is Ascertaining:

  • Correct skills for the position
  • Appropriate experience and accomplishments
  • Potential chemistry with immediate superior and peers
  • Understanding of the mission of the employer
  • Communication style and thought process

You, the Interviewee are Revealing:

  • Your experience, skills and accomplishments
  • How you think
  • Your personality
  • Your communication style

TeedCo. Executive Tip #1:

Don’t Forget Your Basics

  • Be on time
  • Dress professionally; a dark suit is recommended
  • Bring clean extra copies of your resume and a reference list
  • If appropriate to your specific field, bring published samples or other small
    demonstrations of your work
  • DO NOT bring up salary in the first interview

TeedCo. Executive Tip #2:

Do your homework on the organization and the interviewer

  • Learn as much as you can about the organization before your interview
  • What are the organization’s goals and priorities for this position?
  • Who is the interviewer? What is his or her background?
  • Do they have the authority/power to answer questions definitively?
  • What will the interviewer likely look for and focus on?

TeedCo. Executive Tip #3:

  • Be Yourself
  • Act naturally
  • Be confident, but DO NOT display arrogance
  • Have a sense of humor, but don’t be a comedian
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions about the opportunity during the interview

TeedCo. Executive Tip #4:

When answering the interviewer’s questions…

  • Be positive about yourself, your current employer, your career
  • Answer questions in a reasonable amount of time – don’t wear out your welcome or “babble on”

Employers should not be asking questions in the following categories:

Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Age, Disability

If any of the interviewer’s questions or comments are inappropriate, be discreet and confident – DO NOT get defensive, angry or confrontational – stay professional at all times, and remember that the interviewer may very likely be impressed by your ability to gracefully handle an inappropriate question. The interviewer probably does not intent to offend you, and inexperienced or untrained interviewers may unintentionally ask questions that are inappropriate. Hopefully, you will never be asked an inappropriate question, but knowing in advance how to handle these types of situations, will make you more prepared on your next job interview. If an inappropriate question is asked, consider probing for the intent in asking the question and responding with an appropriate answer. For example, the employer asks you; Who will care for your children when you are on call at the hospital? You might reply, “I am able to fully meet the on-call and schedule requirements that this job requires.” Another sample response to an inappropriate question is: “I’d like to help you learn more about my particular skills and qualifications for this position, however, I’m having some difficulty in understanding how (name the particular issue: age, marital status, religion, etc) questions relate to my ability to perform this job.

TeedCo. Executive Tip #5:

Bringing it all to a close…

    • Ask if there are other candidates
    • Ask about the next steps
    • Express your level of genuine interest in the position – ASK FOR THE JOB!
    • Thank the interviewer for their time
    • Use a firm handshake to close the interview, and leave once you have said good-bye (do
      not continue to make idle small talk once you have said good-bye – the interviewer’s time

is valuable)

TeedCo. Executive Tip #6:

Send a Thank-You Note!
Should be written and sent the day of or day after the interview
Should express your interest in the position and reiterate what you can bring to the organization

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